The Congregation’s Hospitaller Mission, the central focus of which is the people in its care, is enriched by the participation of sisters, co-workers, volunteers, the families of the sick and trainees.

Our main challenge is to ensure that all who are involved in our Mission provide a human, modern and meaningful response that reflects the Congregation’s identity, to people who are suffering, excluded from or in need of healthcare and who suffer from some form of limitation, particularly in the area of mental health.

With a view to explicitly defining the identity of the Hospitaller Project, we have prepared OUR FRAMEWORK IDENTITY, which clearly defines the elements that characterise the unique, high-quality service that we offer, as a combination of both the past and the future.

It is made up of five sections:

  • Hospitaller History
  • Hospitaller Community
  • Hospitaller Mission
  • Hospitaller Values
  • Hospitaller Model

This Hospitaller identity code is intended as a guide for the mission that we share wherever we may be in the world, helping us to preserve the necessary unity, while being open to cultural adaptation where necessary and working as a network that has a globalised vision of the Hospitaller task.

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