We believe that ethics is a dimension of every action

Ethics is a branch of philosophy that investigates and explains human praxis from the viewpoint of its morality. We believe that ethics is a dimension of every action and we are committed to it in both our ends and our means.

At the Sisters Hospitallers Congregation we are particularly aware of and committed to Bioethics, as we seek to deal appropriately with the ethical dilemmas that arise, both in the field of social care and healthcare and in management and research. The incorporation of moral values and hospitality into clinical and healthcare practice necessarily leads to better quality service.

It is for this reason that the Congregation’s Centres have Ethics Committees whose purpose is to analyse and advise on the resolution of any ethical conflicts that may arise in our healthcare work.

Other functions of these Committees include:

  1. Teaching and informative work to promote the principles of bioethics both inside and outside the Institution.
  2. Working with the health and social-healthcare industries to create healthcare ethics committees.
  3. Organisation of and participation in bioethics congresses.
  4. Agreements and cooperation with different universities.
  5. Various publications on informed consent, clinical history/records, etc.
  6. And, in particular, multidisciplinary reflection in areas that are particularly important to our work, such as:
  • The ethical aspects of our relationship with the pharmaceutical industry.
  • Palliative care and ethical problems at the end of life.
  • Ethics in the sexual conduct of patients cared for in the centres belonging to the Sisters Hospitallers of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.
  • The right to protection of personal data relating to mental health.

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