“There are young women who are bold enough to let themselves be carried away by their hearts and not pass by on the other side”


Ever since 1881, like Benedict Menni, María Josefa Recio and María Angustias Giménez before them, the Sisters Hospitaller of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, women of God at the service of the suffering, have been carrying out their evangelism in the form of hospitality in the most varied of situations.

We are present throughout the world, by the side of the mentally ill, psychologically disabled and marginalised people, to defend their rights and their culture, at the risk of our own lives.

We follow Jesus, the Good Samaritan, living in community, as free women united by love, prayer and service.

We form a “Hospitaller Community” with the sick and their families, our co-workers and volunteers, and the genuinely human care we provide constitutes the seal of our hospitaller identity.

And… we stand alongside all young women who, like you, are willing to follow their hearts, rather than pass by on the other side.

You too can:

  • Serve the poor.
  • Follow Jesus of Nazareth.
  • Live in Community.
  • Give your life with Love.


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