On the 11th we celebrate the XXVIII world day of the sick, and we do it remembering the words that Jesus pronounces: «Come to me all who are tired and overwhelmed, and I will relieve you» (Mth 11,28).

According to Holy Father, these words of Jesus indicate “the mysterious path of grace that is revealed to the simple and offers relief to those who are tired and tired.”

In Hospital Sisters we join this celebration and the message of his holiness Pope Francis in which he affirms that “Jesus directs an invitation to the sick and the oppressed, to the poor who know that they depend completely on God and that, wounded by the weight of the test, they need to be cured. ”

The Pope, in his message, also invites the sick to come to Jesus, and to put themselves in his hands. “Dear sick brothers and sisters: Because of the disease, you are particularly among those who,“ tired and overwhelmed, ”attract the gaze and heart of Jesus. Hence comes the light for your dark moments, the hope for your grief. Jesus invites you to come to Him: “Come.” In Him, indeed, you will find the strength to face the concerns and questions that arise in you, in this “night” of the body and spirit. Yes, Christ has not given us recipes, but with his passion, death and resurrection frees us from the oppression of evil.”

Read the full message of the Pope

From our Institution we echo the messages of the Holy Father, since we have been working for more than 138 years in the reception, specialized care, integral assistance and social reinsertion of people with mental illness, functional diversity and other diseases.

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