Comunicaciones Sociales 2020

This Sunday, May 24th, the 54th World Day of Social Communications 2020 is commemorated, for which Pope Francis proposes the motto: “That you may tell your children and grandchildren” (Ex 10:2)Life becomes history.

Weaving stories that build

By choosing this theme, taken from a passage in the book of Exodus, the Pope asks journalists, “to weave stories that build, not destroy”. “Even when we count evil, we can learn to make room for redemption,” highlights the Pontiff.

It also tells us: <…We are not just the only beings who need clothing to cover our vulnerability (cf. Gen 3: 21); we are also the only ones who need to be “clothed” with stories to protect our lives. We weave not only clothing, but also stories: indeed, the human capacity to “weave” (Latin texere) gives us not only the word textile but also text. The stories of different ages all have a common “loom”: the thread of their narrative involves “heroes”, including everyday heroes, who in following a dream confront difficult situations and combat evil, driven by a force that makes them courageous, the force of love. By immersing ourselves in stories, we can find reasons to heroically face the challenges of life…>

Read the Pope’s full message

Weaving hospitality stories

From Sisters Hospitallers we join in the celebration of this World Communications Day 2020 and we commit ourselves, from our identity, to continue weaving stories of hospitality, constructive and informative, to publicize the hospital charism and mission. Stories that our Institution has been narrating, throughout its 139 years of history, thanks to the great work of the entire Hospital Community.

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