Vocation Week

From June 14 to 21, the Province of Portugal, of Sisters Hospitallers, celebrated the vocation week, in which various members of the Hospitaller Community of the Province participated, from their own vocation and hospital commitment: young people, laity, sisters …

On Sunday, June 21, coinciding with the 140th anniversary of the departure of our founders, María Josefa Recio and María Angustias Giménez, from Granada to Ciempozuelos to found the Congregation; The closure of this hospital meeting took place.

In this closing, Sister Anabela Carneiro, Superior General, sent a message to all attendees, in which she highlighted three concepts:

SEARCH: If something characterized the path of these women was a continuous movement of search, they let themselves be guided by the deep desires that burned in their hearts and by the certainty of faith, that the Lord was guiding their steps …

FRIENDSHIP: This search, María Josefa and María Angustias, is lived in an environment of deep friendship, between them and with Jesus; a friendship that leads them to know and help each other; dreaming of joint paths, proposing growth strategies, wanting the good of others …

DELIVERY: As they advanced in their search and friendship, they freely decided to give their lives to Jesus, at the service of the sick. Not everything was clear from the beginning, but little by little the hospital project was being built… love is trusting and give up.

After these words, Sister Anabela concluded her message by encouraging all the participants to live their exodus … their journey … their departure … through their life projects: family, consecration, professional projects … to walk the hospital path together, where suffering continues very present and where hospitality is so necessary.

You can see the complete message of Sister Anabela, in the video that accompanies this publication, since this final meeting was held through the «zoom» platform and in open.

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