The #ViralizingSolidarity campaign that we have launched from the Benito Menni Foundation, of Sisters Hospitallers, together with the Provinces of Spain, Portugal, England and France have finished in some countries. The campaign is still active in Portugal and in England.

The campaign aimed to raise funds to collaborate with Mental Health Centers, health centers and other centers of Sisters Hospitallers in Africa and Asia, for the purchase of sanitary materials (masks, PPE), hygiene products, thermometers and food for the neediest patients.

Thanks to the joint effort, € 35,973.45 has been received in the accounts of the Benito Menni Foundation in Spain, to which is added the amounts received by each of the Sisters Hospitallers Provinces who participated in the campaign. The money raised will benefit 19 Sisters Hospitallers centers in 11 countries in Africa and Asia: Angola, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, the Philippines, Ghana, Equatorial Guinea, India, Liberia, Mozambique, DRC and Togo. It is estimated that 80% of the needs surveyed regarding masks, PPE, hygiene products, thermometers and food will be covered.

Our local partners are mental health centers and hospitals of the Sisters Hospitallers Congregation working in Africa and Asia to improve the mental health of the population, offering care and treatment to people at risk of social exclusion.

Although the number of confirmed cases and deaths from the coronavirus remains relatively low in these countries in relation to Europe and America, the truth is that the fragility of the health system and the shortage of essential instruments such as respirators, makes the situation be alarming. Furthermore, due to the global economic crisis that the pandemic has generated, more and more people are at risk of social exclusion and destitution, exacerbating a situation that was already economically and socially precarious in itself.

From the Benito Menni Foundation we thank all those who have collaborated so that together we can contribute to curb to curb the Covid-19 crisis in the countries of southern Africa and Asia.

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