Hospitality is a deeply humane and Christian attitude, which is particularly topical in the globalised world. 

The word hospitality has significant connotations: humanity, shelter, universal nature, love, service, mutual assistance, care for the poor. It has inspired the Hospitaller project from the outset, and it continues to guide the good work of the Congregation’s institutions.

Its origins lie in the healing work of Jesus, “Good Samaritan of humankind, he lived his life doing good and healing the sick”.  Based on this interpretation, hospitality is the Congregation’s defining charism and the most genuine characteristic with which to describe its identity.

The Congregation’s founders received this gift from God and devoted themselves to continuing with Jesus’ mission to care for the mentally ill and the physically and mentally handicapped, with special attention for the poor and then women, who were even more forgotten and neglected. To this day, the majority of the Congregation’s work focuses on mental illness although its services include other apostolic activities, provided that they are related to the charism of hospitality.

The conservation and recreation of the charism of hospitality requires that all of the people involved in the project (sisters, co-workers, volunteers, families of the recipients of our services…) cultivate and demonstrate the values, culture and very aims of the Congregation.

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