Mozambique: mental health and COVID-19

The project that we have started in Mozambique is being carried out at the Sisters Hospitallers’ Psychosocial Rehabilitation Centre in Mahotas (CRPS, for its abbreviation in Spanish). It aims to contribute to achieving Sustainable Development Goal 3 on health and well-being, as part of the 2030 Agenda (United Nations Development Programme).

This project aims to ensure that people of all ages with mental illnesses and/or disabilities can continue to receive health and rehabilitation care during the Covid-19 pandemic.

More need due to the health crisis

Due to the health crisis we are facing, the few mental health care facilities in Mozambique have had to close or reduce their services, leaving vulnerable people without social and healthcare services.

At the Sisters Hospitallers’ Psychosocial Rehabilitation Centre (CRPS) in Mahotas, Mozambique, some activities and services are no longer being offered due to a lack of financial resources. These financial resources are needed to provide assistance safely and to adapt to restrictions due to Covid-19. Mental health issues have increased due to the health, economic, and social crisis caused by the pandemic, and it is key that we can continue to treat people with pre-existing mental illnesses and/or disabilities and to expand services to care for new potential patients.

This is why this project, co-financed by the Spanish Agency for Development Cooperation (AECID, for its abbreviation in Spanish), includes strengthening and expanding mental health consultation services at our centre in safe and clean conditions adapted to health precautions, as well as carrying out actions to provide information and training activities to raise awareness of mental health and the fight against discrimination.

The overall aim is to ensure mental health care continues to be provided during the Covid-19 pandemic to prevent more serious situations and crises, which hinder people’s social stability.

Its specific aims are to strengthen care and to increase the number of consultations and areas of intervention at the centre itself to guarantee care and to contribute to improving the health of the population. Furthermore, to raise awareness of mental health-related illnesses by carrying out activities to provide information and psychosocial support.

Over 20 years of history

The Sisters Hospitallers’ Psychosocial Rehabilitation Centre in Mahotas, Mozambique, also runs programmes geared towards children with physical and mental disabilities: malnutrition, effects of malaria; people with HIV; and young people and adults with psychiatric and mental health issues. The centre is located in the Kamavota district in a neighbourhood outside the city centre, which is on the outskirts of Maputo (30 kilometres away). Since 1998, it has been devoted to the treatment, rehabilitation, and social/family reintegration of people with mental illnesses and disabilities, in collaboration with the Infulene Psychiatric Hospital.

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