In response to the request that the XXI General Chapter, on the need to “Promote international solidarity and cooperation in the Institution”, a new operating model of the General Service of Solidarity and International Cooperation has been presented.

With this new model it is intended to give a new boost to the Service, so that the presence of works and projects in the most impoverished countries can continue to have “solidarity support for their sustainability and the continuity of the hospital mission”. This new approach is not limited to international action that enhances the improvement of Hospital Work in developing countries, since progress is not reduced to simple economic growth. “To be authentic, it must be comprehensive, and promote the person in all its dimensions”.

Strategic planning

It is the responsibility of the General Government, with the support of the General Commission for Solidarity and Development Cooperation, to carry out the strategic planning of this service. This strategic planning includes the objectives, the actions to be carried out, those responsible for each of them and the indicators for each of the following areas:

  • Internal organization and coordination between the different agents involved.
  • Dissemination of the work of solidarity and cooperation for the development of the Congregation, with the aim of achieving a good position as a solidarity institution.
  • Communication and awareness.

According to this approach, each entity involved should carry out the following actions in their respective strategic planning.

  • The provinces and centers must have a specific section for programming international solidarity and cooperation. It can be an annual or triennial planning according to your own usual planning processes.
  • The Benito Menni Foundation must have a triennial strategic plan updated year by year that it will share with the general government and the provinces.
  • If there are other national foundations, they must coordinate with their province of reference and the General Service of Solidarity and International Cooperation, to ensure that they are aligned and at the service of the global strategy.
  • In order to guarantee the continuous improvement of this area and the fulfillment of the objectives set, each year an evaluation of the strategic plan will be carried out based on the previously defined indicators and the information collected from the FBM, the provinces (which will include the information from their centers) and other created entities.
  • Said evaluation will give rise to an annual report in which areas of improvement, strengths, deviations in the fulfillment of objectives and improvement proposals will be determined (corrective and preventive actions to be implemented in the following exercise).

This new mode of operation is applicable in the General Government, the Benito Menni Foundation, provinces, centers and collaborating entities.

Members of the General Commission for Solidarity and Development Cooperation

  • Eva Algaba, of the Province of España
  • Ana Gamelas, of the Province of Portugal
  • Sor Bertha Padilla, of the Province of América Latina
  • Sabrina Haboba, Coordinator of The Foundation Benito Menni
  • Sor Rosa Izquierdo, Head of the FBM Office
  • Sor Maria Begoña Perez, President of the commission

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