Sister Hospitaller. Viceprovince of Argentina

I was born on February 3, 1943 on a very cold and snowy winter’s day, in Zadaleri, a very small town in Navarre (Spain). I was baptised that same day, and was the first of three sisters.

Early days and youth

Soon after my birth, my family moved to Torres, a little farming village not far from Zadaleri. There I grew up in very humble surroundings; it was a time when poverty was palpable, as a consequence of the civil war that Spain had experienced a few years before.

I began to go to school at the age of five, and I am told I was a diligent student, gaining good grades. I took my First Communion two years later, and came to know Jesus, although I could see him only distantly. He was with me, my confidant in times when I was good, and also when I was mischievous, when I made my wishes and had my dreams… indeed, in all that was within me. Since I was a child I always wanted to be a nun, my dream was to be a teacher and to be able to take part in missionary work. I came to know many orders, but none captivated me until I found the Sisters Hospitallers.

How, when, and where did you get to know the Sisters Hospitallers?

One of my cousins studied at the Apostolic College of the Sisters Hospitallers in Pamplona, and through her I contacted the person in charge, Sister Juana Pardo, so that I could be admitted, and on September 7, 1956, at the age of 13, I began to study there as a boarder.

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