“Jwhen Jesus saw a large crowd, he had compassion on them […].

Jesus replied to his disciples: You give them something to eat”

(cf. Mt14:16)

Message to all of the HOSPITALLER COMMUNITY

Just yesterday, the World Health Organization declared COVID-19 a “pandemic”, and it is for this reason that I wish to reach out to you all who form part of the hospitaller community, the sick, coworkers, relatives, volunteers, benefactors, friends and sisters, and send you greetings of peace.

Through the media, we are learning that the numbers of COVID-19-positive cases are multiplying in many countries.  We are also being informed about the measures being taken by health officials, especially to prevent the further spread of the virus.  Some of such measures are recommendations, while others are binding.  It has already been shown that it is possible to suppress and control the virus by complying responsibly with the imposed measures.

All of this is affecting us as individuals, our families and the hospitaller community, this great Family.  As part of society, the hospitaller community is implementing the afore-mentioned measures, in addition to those issued by the Institution and the guidance provided by the respective Bishops’ Conferences, including the possibility of providing assistance to infected patients, in partnership with public health services.

With the sisters of the General Government, I wish to thank you for the efforts you are making as part of our Institution. Our thanks goes out to those of you who are in the frontline and are caring for the sick and their families. Thank you to those who are also in the frontline and are responsible for organizing and coordinating time, facilities and persons. I also wish to thank those who are not directly involved in this work but who lend their support by providing resources and means to those who are working hard to directly eradicate the disease.

At the same time, l appeal to you to follow strictly the measures that have been implemented and the guidelines provided by those in charge at the provincial level or in the centers.

To those of us who live a dimension of faith, I invite us all to unite our voices in prayer to the Lord, Jesus the Samaritan, who is moved by the pain of humanity; let us pray for all those who are victims of this disease and those who are taking care of them.  May the Lord help them to find a cure, and may He help us all to have a greater solidarity for each other.

I remember the five words that the Director General of the WHO said yesterday in his address, and that could also greatly inspire us in our work: prevention, preparation, public health, leadership and above all, persons. 

In expressing the hope that together, we will succeed in overcoming this “pandemic”, please be assured of our closeness.

I entrust this situation to the intercession of our Founder, Sains Benedict Menni, and send you my cordial greetings.

Anabela Carneiro, Superior General

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