The year 2020 has been a year in which all the citizens of the world have been affected by the COVID19 virus. Some in one way and others in another, many have experienced the pain of the loss of loved ones; from these lines we want to show solidarity with each and everyone.

During this time we have been able to see how some existing social and health problems have become much more acute. According to the UN “The pandemic has set back efforts to create more equitable societies. The inequality between rich and poor worsened during the COVID-19 crisis and poverty increased, for the first time in decades ”.

In this reality, the Benito Menni Foundation, of Sisters Hospitallers, has continued in its effort to carry out different actions during the year, in the field of international cooperation, actions for the benefit of the most impoverished people, especially in the field of mental health.

Like so many entities, the pandemic situation has made us improve in the development of different activities, with our counterparts, through telematics. However, the economic collapse has affected us fully and there have been months of intense work for the Foundation team, overcoming different obstacles.

We invite you to read the report so that you can verify the achievements made with your help. This memory is a summary of an activity, which is not enough to describe all the life and the effort behind it; a task full of support and commitment from people and entities that make our work possible.

We closed the year, looking hopefully to the future, confirming the need to continue the lines of action, with an open eye to the new challenges that we are experiencing. Convinced that together we can make our projects come true and continue to contribute to build a more prosperous and just world.

¡Thank you all for your generosity!

Read the Memory 2020

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