From March 2 to 5, 2020, a meeting of the General Commission for Youth and Vocation Ministry was held, made up of the sisters: Margarida Silva, Rosa María Gutiérrez, Pegie Belvie Louth, Mónica Burbano and Blanca Guerrero. Those of us who have met, by video conference, with the aim of studying the current reality of the YMV in the Congregation, based on the contributions sent by the communities and vocational pastoralists.

The following conclusions are derived from this analysis:

Among the many strengths exposed during the meeting, we highlight: having pastoralist sisters and leading sisters in many of our communities; the existence of documents that guide the work of this ministry; Being present in many youth settings, as well as walking towards a more open mind in accompaniment, to young people, in their own vocation.

Regarding the opportunities that arise, when studying our reality, we highlight: that hospital work is a strategic place to transmit hospitality to young people, since, normally, they seek experiences of solidarity and volunteer service. In addition, we have in new technologies, the possibility of evangelizing young people from the charism and hospitality spirituality.

Weaknesses are also present, which by knowing and accepting them helps us manage them to turn them into challenges:

-The need to redefine the planning of the hospital PJV, so that it is participatory and includes the role of young people.

-The strengthening of welcoming communities, open to the youth world and capable of communicating the faith. Where the sisters are co-responsible, transmitting the joy and happiness of living the vocation and fraternity.

-The urgency of building a vocational culture, strengthening the co-responsibility of the hospital community, and facilitating mission and community experiences for young people.

-Active participation in youth ministry and ecclesial vocation is needed, an effective contact with youth environments that generates processes of faith and vocational discernment.

The work of these days, carried out by the General Commission for Youth and Vocation Ministry, has been very enriching; Starting from the reality of the communities and their feelings was key in this path of discernment. The Commission will continue this work and we will communicate progress. We thank the entire Congregation for their support and prayers during these days. Blanca Guerrero, third General Councilor and head of Youth and Vocation Ministry.

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