“Be charitable and patient with the sick, acting as mothers to them.”





[box]“Unless a grain of wheat falls to the ground and dies, it remains only a single seed; but if it dies, it produces many seeds” (John 12:24)[/box]

Born in Granada (Spain), on 19 March 1846,  her family education and background of Christian solidarity would make María Josefa a model young woman and wife (she was married and widowed at 33).

In 1871 she struck up a deep human and spiritual friendship with Maria Angustias Giménez Vera. It was with her with whom she left Granada for Ciempozuelos (Madrid), where they arrived on 21 June 1880 to found, at the instruction of Father Menni, the Congregation that was born there, on 31 May 1881.

She was the Congregation’s first General Superior and she died a victim of her heroic charity, as a result of the blows she received from a mentally-ill patient, on 30 October 1883.

Her spiritual legacy is condensed in her Testimony and in the example of her life, which remains very much alive in the Congregation.

[box]Her cause for canonisation was introduced on 21 June 1881. On 8 February 2011, the congress of theologians met in Rome, and after examining and voting favourably on the heroism of her virtues, declared her VENERABLE. [/box]


From the “SPIRITUAL TESTIMONY” of Sister María Josefa Recio

Dear Sisters:

“Love each other sincerely, accepting each others faults in the love of the Lord. Consider yourselves fortunate to have something to suffer quietly. Never gossip; it is a cause for disunity in Communities.”

“Wherever two of you come together, be as angels on earth, edifying each other and those who may be watching you”.

“Always obey our Founding Father, treating his words as the words of God, and his spirit as the spirit of the Heart of Jesus. “

“Be charitable and patient with the sick, acting as mothers to them. “

“Comply faithfully with our Rules and Constitutions, and with all of the duties required of you. “

“Seek to be very humble and obedient to any Superior placed over you, however young, lacking in virtue or harsh she may seem”. Obedience and willing sacrifice to your Superiors, even when what they ask seems nonsense, provided that it is not a sin, will earn you your crown, and victory is ensured, as that which we cannot do through our own efforts, the Lord will supply. “

«Be encouraged! I will pray for you all from heaven. Tell all that come that I love them as I love you, from the first to the last to join this Congregation. “

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