Like every year, a group of sisters, coming from different continents, meet to do the fifth year of temporary vows and discernment for their perpetual devotion to the Lord within Hospitaller life.

On this occasion, for special reasons, the “Josefinato” is being held at the home in Palencia (Spain), specifically at the training centre. There are 8 sisters participating in this experience and they are from different countries.

This is a key time in the vocational process for all of them whose goals are, among other ones, to achieve a harmonious integration between the human dimension and the spiritual dimension with the distinctive charismatic elements.

The experience began on 30 October 2018, the anniversary of the death of the Venerable María Josefa Recio, the founder of the Congregation, and will continue until 2 August 2019, the anniversary of the death of María Angustias Giménez, also a founder of the Congregation.

"“The vitality of the charism, the urgencies of the poor and sick press us; And our response will be swift and bold”"

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