India is immersed in one of the worst humanitarian crises in the world, as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. For several weeks, they have linked record numbers of daily infections and deaths, not seen in any other country. The official data currently amounts to: 26,947,496 infections and 307,249 deaths.

During these last days of May, COVID-19 infections are decreasing, for the first time in forty days. The six most affected states are: Maharashtra (5,579,897), Karnataka (2,424,904), Kerala (2,317,911), Tamil Nadu (1,806,861), Uttar Pradesh (1,670,020) and Andhra Pradesh (1,580,827 ). This alarming increase in infections began in April.

This second wave of the pandemic, in India, is having a devastating impact: collapsed hospitals, patients receiving medical care in cars, some of them die at the gates of health centers … to which is added the cremation of corpses in the middle of the street . The huge numbers of infected and deceased have placed the national health system under great pressure, causing a critical shortage of hospital beds, medicines and oxygen to supply those affected.

The national vaccination campaign has already begun, but only around 8% of the population have received the first dose and only 1.6% have the complete schedule. As India continues to reel from the impact of this virus, states and territories across the country have imposed closures and curfews to try to tackle the infections, as they do not have enough doses to vaccinate such a large number of people.

Sisters Hospitallers in India

Our Institution is present in India since 2001, we currently have a psychosocial rehabilitation center for women with mental illness in Trivandrum, Kerala, where 59 women from different parts of India reside. Our center is recognized by the government of the country, with which they collaborate so that people with mental illness have a better quality of life; although we do not receive any financial aid. We are also present in the northern part of the country.

At this time of pandemic, in accordance with the instructions of the state government, Hermanas Hospitalarias has established strict measures to try to keep the virus as far away as possible: wear a mask, wash hands frequently and maintain social distance. They do not allow visits from the residents’ families, or of any other kind. New admissions are received only with a negative coronavirus infection test.

Direct on Instagram from India

To tell us all about this situation, in first person, on May 31 at 3:30 p.m. (UTC + 1) coinciding with the 140th anniversary of the founding of our Congregation, Sister Sheeba Siluvayyan, will make a direct on our general Instagram account @HermanasHospitalariasInter , explaining the current situation they are experiencing and what we can do to help.

Do not miss it, we’ll be waiting!

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