PEDIATRICS Our children’s hospital in Dapaong (TOGO), called Yendube (God is there) has been operating since 1962. It has 80 hospital beds for children under 10 and offers neonatal, medical and nutritional services. It also has an intensive care unit, blood bank, laboratory and pharmacy. The outpatient appointments service, which includes psychiatry, sees nearly 200 children a day.

HIV/AIDS– The Congregation works via the “Vivir en la Esperanza” (“Live in Hope”) Association, created in 1999, to provide shelter, support and rehabilitation for people living with HIV/AIDS in the Savannah Region of Northern TOGO. Its aims include:

  • Improving the standard of living of people with HIV/AIDS.
  • Supporting public education to eradicate erroneous beliefs about the illness.
  • Providing psychological, emotional and home-based care.
  • Contributing to social integration and developing self-help activities.
  • Helping in the care of people already living with HIV (spouses, orphans, families).
  • Providing spiritual companionship for people with HIV/AIDS.

More than 1400 children and 1500 adults have been treated here over the years.

In 2010, with the support of the Social Development Fund (SDF), an orphanage was opened with the mission to take in, protect, cure, feed and educate children whose parents have died of AIDS.

On 18 October 2010, in recognition of this service, Sister María Stella KOUAK received the Insignia of Knight of the Legion of Honour in France for the Association’s work.