At present the hospitaller mission can count on over 350 centres and services spread across 25 countries in Europe, Latin America, Asia and Africa. The existence of new forms of suffering, and the strength of a love “that knows no bounds” have committed this Institution to further expand its presence and its sphere of action, particularly in those poorest and most needy countries.

To do so, Sisters Hospitallers have set up a Development Aid service, coordinated through the Benedict Menni Foundation. Established in 2004, this NGO is mainly involved in efforts to ensure mental health care is provided to thousands of persons living in a state of neglect and social exclusion.

Supported by professionals and volunteers, the Benedict Menni Foundation pursues various projects for international cooperation. If you wish, you too can make a donation to help us in this task.

Purpose of your donation Amount of your donation

To obtain a donation certificate, please contact:

The Benedict Menni Foundation also runs a sponsorship programme that provides underprivileged children in Africa, Asia and Latin America with food and hygiene facilities, assistance with registration with the civil authorities, healthcare, medicines, education, transport and toys. How to become a sponsor?

What we can do with your donation:

1€ Finances the first visit to a doctor by a person with mental illness.

6€ Pays for epilepsy treatment for one month.

25€ Covers the cost of educating a child for 3 months.

80€ Purchases a sewing machine in Africa or India.

288€ Sponsors a child for one year.

3.600€ Pays to feed 40 children in three dining-rooms in Latin America for a whole year.

3.800€ Buys a corn mill for a cooperative formed by 20 women in Africa or India.