“In order to champion the hospitaller mission in the poorest countries, the Congregation has set up a Development Aid Service, which fosters solidarity and social reform while seeking out human resources and securing funding” (XX General Chapter no. 31).

Medical projects in developing countries are supported financially by the Congregation, public and private sources of funding and private donations.

The Casa General de Roma centre manages and oversees this aid service and is supported in this task by the Benedict Menni Foundation, the NGO of the Congregation.

It provides technical support in preparing, presenting and managing development aid projects, focusing particularly on the most underprivileged countries and individuals.

“This love of charity knows no limits and knows not when to say stop. This love wishes to fly from one place to another and wrap its arms around the entire planet”

B. Menni (C 587)




Cooperation for Development Service

Congregation of the Sisters Hospitallers of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

Piazza Salerno, 3
00161 – Rome – Italy

Tel: +39-06-441 738 250
Fax: +39-06-441 738 252


Benedict Menni Foundation

C/ Ferrocarril, 31 – bajo C
28045 Madrid

Tel: + 34-915 064 194