Maria Josefa Recio and Maria Angustias Giménez were two young women from Granada who heard God’s call to offer their lives to the cause of the poor and sick.

After a number of ups and downs, they put themselves under the spiritual guidance of Father Menni, who, in the summer of 1880, sent them the following invitation from Ciempozuelos: “You may come, if you wish…” And that was it. They went; taking flight in the night from Granada.

They settled in Ciempozuelos and would soon receive the motto that would sum up their ascetic demands: pray, work, endure, suffer, love God and be silent.

On 31 May 1881, they set up the Congregation and on 30 October 1883, María Josefa Recio, died, a victim of hospitaller charity. Her friend lived on for another 14 years; she died in 1897.

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María Josefa Recio and María Angustias Giménez