Did you know that a key challenge of our Institution is ensuring that all of us who are involved in the Hospitaller Mission offer comprehensive care through our Identity?

Discover how this area is developing in the Spanish Province.

My name is Alejandro Florit. I am currently the director of Institutional Identity in the Sisters Hospitallers’ Province of Spain. I have worked at the Institution since 1995. Throughout these years, I have held different management positions. I have been the coordinator of the Retiro Psychosocial Rehabilitation Centre (Madrid), the technical director of psychosocial rehabilitation at San Miguel Clinic (Madrid), the president of the Sisters Hospitallers’ Healthcare Ethics Committee in Madrid and a member of the Hospitaller Commission of Spain (CHE, for its abbreviation in Spanish).

I am starting from the premise that our Institution is not, nor can it be, equal to others in the public health sector; for us, the people being cared for are our focus. We offer comprehensive care through excellent treatments and care, combining technical quality and human warmth. From the beginning, this way of ‘focusing’ the welfare activity that we carry out has impelled us to carefully manage and reinforce how we convey our ‘Hospitaller Identity’ to all the people who work at Sisters Hospitallers.

After it was created in 2016, ensuring that Hospitality is conveyed both in the present and in the future has been a priority in the Spanish Province. That is why there is a Hospitaller identity councillor, Sister María Rosario Iranzo, with whom I am responsible for leading this area. We also collaborate with a Provincial Commission made up of professionals from different centres with different profiles who help us define and develop our strategies. For this work, we have the Institution’s Identity Framework as a reference as well as other congregational documents among which the document published by the General Government stands out: ‘Hospitaller Identity Training According to the Institution’s Identity Framework. Comprehensive Plan’.

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