Sisters Hospitallers joins the initiatives of the Church.

In the month of February 2022, Pope Francis intends to pray for religious and consecrated women. We share this video, published on February 1, in which the Pope asks “what would the Church be without religious and lay consecrated women?…

At Sisters Hospitallers we join the “I am Church” campaign, launched by the Dicastery for Laity, Family and Life, which aims to highlight the contribution that people with disabilities make to the ecclesial community, in your day to day.

In addition, we join the appeal of Pope Francis in which he asks us to pray, during the month of July, for the construction of dialogue and social friendship.

As a Church Institution we highlight the courage and determination of those who fight for fundamental human rights to be equal for all. The Holy Father wants to emphasize “actively oppose poverty, inequality, lack of work, land, housing, social and labor rights.”

The teachings of the Church: rights for being a person

It is not the first time that the Pontiff recalls the importance of the fundamental rights of human beings. In the encyclical Fratelli tutti denounced that “while a part of humanity lives in opulence, another part sees its own dignity unknown, despised or trampled on and its fundamental rights ignored or violated” (FT, 22).

Francis asks us this month to pray for “those who risk their lives fighting for fundamental rights in dictatorships, in authoritarian regimes and even in democracies in crisis.” It is an invitation to remember these men and women, in so many countries of the world, who continue in prison or in dangerous situations, or who lost their lives, and many of them in the name of their faith in Jesus Christ.

Fratelli tutti reinforces the unity of the human family

The International Union of Superiors General (UISG), whose Directing Council is a member of our Superior General, Sr. Anabela Carneiro, announced in March two new initiatives inspired precisely by this encyclical.

The initiatives are ‘You Are My Sister’, which wants to give visibility to the commitment of the sisters in the world to accompany and support the most vulnerable and marginalized in the current crisis of the pandemic; and ‘Sisters Empowering Women‘, a cycle of meetings to carry out a dialogue with and between the religious women who, in the world, live the Fratelli tutti and open avenues of emancipation and hope through their mission.

Sisters Hospitallers participated in the online event of the “SISTERS EMPOWERING WOMEN” initiative held on April 27, 2021; with the presence of Sister Idília Carneiro, Sister Hospitaller of the Province of Portugal, who related through her personal testimony, how the Hospitaller Mission contributes to creating a healthier society.

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