Saint Benedict Menni

Today, 24 April 2020, we celebrate the feast day of our founder, St. Benedict Menni, a day when we remember, more than ever, his ACTS OF HOSPITALITY. Gestures full of love, tenderness, and understanding that defined a style of dedication and total commitment to the most vulnerable by combining two fundamental criteria: science and charity.

His hospitality when caring for the sick was his great hallmark. The ultimate goal of his actions was to promote goodness and healing in a comprehensive way, a goal that all of us who are part of the Hospitaller Community strive for today in our personal and professional roles and vocations.

We must always remember that our gestures of hospitality are not limited to the sick and vulnerable; we must be hospitable with our families, friends, colleagues, and with society in general since every day is a new opportunity to perform a gesture of hospitality!

Happy St. Benedict Menni Day!

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