Covid 19

The “Padre Menni” center, of Sisters Hospitallers, in Santander (Spain), has launched a solidarity initiative of free psychological care, on the occasion of the crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

The initiative of this center consists of providing free psychological telephone attention to employees, families of employees, families of users and citizens of Cantabria in general, from Monday to Sunday, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Those interested can send an email to or call 601 38 13 47, where their name and phone number will be collected, then a professional from our “Father Menni” center will contact them as soon as possible.

Calls and emails are answered by a social worker who coordinates the service and forwards requests to other professionals. Every day there is a psychiatrist and two psychologists on call, who can contact the interested person by telephone.

Team of professionals involved

Although there are 4 professionals on duty every day (one social worker, two psychologists and one psychiatrist), the total number of professionals involved in shifts and care is:

  • 4 social workers: 1 to receive and refer inquiries; 3 for the attention of merely informative queries.
  • 4 psychiatrists
  • 12 psychologists

In addition, and among other profiles, there is a medical management advisor: for general supervision and validation of decisions that affect the initiative.

Duration of the initiative and cases attended

This initiative was launched on March 21 and is expected to continue until the state of alarm ends in Spain, or until normality resumes. Therefore, it does not have a specific end date.

These days half of the calls answered have been merely informative, since they corresponded to relatives of patients who requested to know the status of their loved ones and how to contact them directly now that visits have been suspended. No referral to psychiatry / psychology has been necessary, but these calls have been answered by Social Work.

The remaining calls request information about the service and psychological attention to face fears and face isolation.

General recommendations for psychological care

Professionals who take calls focus on listening, containing, supporting, validating and transmitting techniques to cope with stress. It influences the importance of the social network (even if it is at a distance) and in the control of the situation, since control of life as we knew it is lost, so we must work on short-term goals and strengthen the feeling of control. In case of grief, the intervention consists of listening and validating.

All the professionals involved in the initiative exchange manuals and documentation with a view to acting guidelines.

If you are in Cantabria (Spain) and need psychological help, get in touch with our center “Padre Menni” professionals!

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