Saint Benedict Menni´s Day

In Sisters Hospitallers we celebrate next April 24, Father Menni’s day, and for this reason, we leave you a fun and educational activity that you can carry out at home.

The objectives of this activity are the following:

  • Know the most important moments in the life of Father Menni
  • Develop the ability to concentrate and memory
  • Promote awareness of hospital identity and sense of family
  • Pray for Father Menni’s day

How is the development of the activity?

The activity we propose is presented as the “Memory” game.

We have put some main moments of Fr. Menni’s life also expressed in drawings (one pair for each moment). The cards can be printed on folio or cardboard, and laminated if desired. They will be mixed and turned upside down.

(See the cards)

As the moments of Fr.Menni’s life are read, the participant will have to discover the couple of the moment read; Only when you get the partner, you can continue reading.

The last card with the Hospital Heart has been put so that, if they wish during the day, it is placed on the shirt of each participant as a member of this great hospital family.

At the end we suggest a small celebration to perform.

The main events in the life of Fr. Menni:

  • Saint Benedict Menni, Father Menni
  • Born in Milan, Italy in 1841
  • He became brother of Saint John of God
  • He was sent to Granada, Spain, in 1867 to restore the Order of San Juan de Dios
  • In Granada he met two young María Josefa and Maria Angustias
  • With them he founded the Hospital Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus on May 31, 1881
  • They worked with a Hospital Heart, sowing Christian Hospitality and in the progress of science
  • Menni died in France in 1914
  • His body is in the Mother House in Ciempozuelos, Madrid
  • Hospitallers strive to recognize Jesus, the Good Samaritan in each person, according to the example of Father Menni
  • The Hospital Family extends throughout the world carrying the Hospital Heart
  • It is (… .. years) 50 years since the Hospital Heart arrived in (……) Tenerife opening (…….) ACAMAN. Here we give the example of Acamán in Tenerife but you can put each center
  • You and I are part of this Family that is why we carry this hospitable heart on Father Menni’s day

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