Did you know that our institution is especially committed to ethics to adequately deal with conflicts that arise both when it comes to healthcare and management?

Discover how this area is developing in the Portuguese Province.

My name is Alda Ramos, I am a nursing supervisor and a member of the Health Ethics Committee at the Sisters Hospitallers’ ‘Casa de Saúde da Idanha’ in Belas (Portugal).

From the Portuguese Province and led by Sister Paula Carneiro, second provincial councillor and manager of the province’s healthcare area, we have made a clear commitment to foster and promote ethics and bioethics in all healthcare processes. Our main objective is to contribute to developing a bioethical conscience among our employees, thus promoting ethical service in all the care we offer people with mental illness and/or functional diversity, among other illnesses, the heart of the Hospitaller mission.

Now, in the Portuguese Province, we are carrying out three important initiatives in this area:

    • The preparation of a set of ‘worksheets’ with reflections on bioethics, always related to current issues. This action is published on a quarterly basis and is distributed to all the sisters and collaborators in the province.


    • Strengthening and dynamism in the creation of ‘Health Ethics Committees’. Currently, these committees exist at all our centres, with the function of providing support and guidance, at this level, to the different units and care facilities.


  • The organisation of an annual meeting with the members of the ‘Health Ethics Committees’ to provide specialised training with professionals from outside of our institution and to exchange experiences and knowledge.

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