More than 10,500 co-workers around the world.

We understand and define the Hospitaller Community as the relational fabric that exists between all of the people involved in our work: those who receive our services, those who provide care and all of the people who are involved, in any way, in our mission.

From the outset, and by decision of the Founder himself, the Congregation has always relied upon the cooperation of lay people whose professional competence and personal dedication to the beneficiaries of our work make it possible for us to offer the highest quality of care.

“The lives and work of Saint Benedict Menni, María Josefa Recio and María Angustias Giménez have touched us and awoken in us a Hospitaller heart. Their spirituality and mission have captivated us and we have heard the call to share their legacy and help take it into the future”.

The sharing of this gift has opened the way to a new hope-filled chapter (V.C. 54) in the institution’s work. Both laywomen and sisters have received the gift of hospitality, which we each use in specific ways. We are therefore companions in the Hospitaller Mission, and have a shared responsibility for its implementation.

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