Did you know that the primary future goal for the Province of Italy is to improve the quality of Hospitaller practice by catering to those who request our care?

My name is María Asunción Riopedre and I have been the Provincial Superior of the Province of Italy of Sisters Hospitallers since last October. For the previous six years (2012-2018), I served as Vicar and 1st General Councillor.

In its 112-year history, the Province of Italy has followed the missionary spirit of Father Menni, which has enabled the expansion of the Hospitaller charism that we currently practice at four centres in Italy: “Villa Rosa” (Viterbo), “Villa Miramare” (Nettuno), “Villa San Giuseppe” (Ascoli) and “Casa di Cura Villa San Benedetto Menni” (Albese). Our charism is also present in several areas on the Asian continent.

The situation of the centres in Italy varies according to the region in which they are located since, under the National Health System, it is the State that defines the levels of care and delegates direct responsibility for management and spending to the regions in order to achieve the country’s healthcare goals. This creates variances in economic and management criteria, as well as in quality, research, and training.

For all of our centres, last year was one of faith and hope, which generated a renewed sense of institutional belonging, invigorated by the celebration of the 21st General Chapter. At our 25th Provincial Chapter, we specified the plan of action, using the imperative of “Practice Hospitality” as a basis to offer, in our shared mission, the best of ourselves in favour of those who suffer. Today, the Province of Italy is in the midst of a restructuring process; we are challenged to refocus our being and our work in the field of hospitality.

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