Did you know that the Province of Latin America’s main aim for the coming years is to continue consolidating its provincial structure?  

My name is Bernardita Bolaños Ahumada, and I have been the Provincial Superior for the Sisters Hospitallers Province of Latin America since November 2018. I was born in Cartago Nariño (Colombia) in 1967. I joined the Congregation in 1992 and took my final vows in 1997. I have a degree in Basic Primary Education and Religious Science.

Our Congregation has been present in Latin America since 1949, with 2019 marking the 70th anniversary of its establishment by Pasto Nariño (Colombia). The Province of Latin America currently consists of seven countries: Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, and Uruguay. In the two years since unification and many years of congregational history, it has remained faithful to the Hospitaller Charism, thanks to the missionary spirit of the sisters, co-workers, volunteers, and friends of Hospitality, who assist in its consolidation and expansion through their own endeavours and those of the State.

The situation of the Province’s 13 centres varies according to their mission, the needs of the population, and the healthcare policies of each country. Since each nation defines the general norms of its care system and delegates direct responsibility for management and outsourcing regionally in order to meet national healthcare targets.   

The celebration of the 21st General Chapter and the subsequent celebration of our 1st Provincial Chapter have charted the course for the coming years and will help us embrace our Samaritan identity as a common endeavour, driving us to “Practice Hospitality.”  

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