Did you know that one of the challenges for the Delegation of the Philippines is to improve the culture of solidarity by creating a common project with the participation of all centres?

My name is Juliana Sember Pedro and I am the Delegate Superior of the Sisters Hospitallers Delegation of the Philippines. I was born in 1974 in the northern region of the Philippines. I joined the Congregation of the Sisters Hospitallers on 30 May 2000, after finishing my studies and working for several years. I took my final vows on 18
September 2018.

The year 2018 marked a milestone and a time of grace for the whole Congregation with the preparations, reflections, and prayers for the General and Provincial Chapters, as well as for the Delegation Assemblies. The latter were illuminated by a mandate from the General Chapter document, Practice Hospitality, which lays out a challenge and a program for life that focuses on the renewal and revitalisation of our Hospitaller identity and mission.

Current situation, challenges and vision for the future.
The current situation of the Delegation, which includes the Philippines and India, entails a great challenge and gives us hope for a better future. The challenge consists of three key factors (extracted from the most recent General Chapter and assumed at the Delegation of the Philippines Assembly), which, in turn, entail a series of actions:

1. To establish multicultural and intergenerational communities that experience communion and fraternity in diversity, demonstrating the richness of the embodiment of the charism and serving as symbols of universal fellowship. This involves:

– Understanding, incorporating and sharing local culture.

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