Did you know that the Hospitaller Mission that our Institution carries out in Vietnam was created and is growing thanks to the Sisters Hospitallers’ boundless dedication?

Discover how this area of activity is developing in the Delegation of Vietnam.

My name is Pham Thi Kim Lien. I was born on 10 September 1994 and since that year, I have been living in a Sisters Hospitallers’ centre in Vietnam, my country.

Since their arrival in 1987, the mission that the sisters carry out in Vietnam has been mainly focused on caring for orphaned children, abandoned children and/ or children with severe physical and intellectual disabilities. In my specific case, I don’t have any type of disability but I was abandoned by my family as soon as I was born.

I have a twin sister. My mother died after giving birth and my father, who already had eight daughters and wanted to have sons, left us alone and helpless in the hospital. One of the doctors who knew about the work that the Sisters Hospitallers were doing contacted them and explained our situation to them. They took us in at their centre in Chu Hai and they took care of us with real motherly love. They also gave us the chance to attend school together with the other children who lived at the boarding school that the sisters have in one of their homes.

Our life was peaceful and happy until one summer day at the age of eight my sister left the centre together with a mentally ill person and they got lost. That summer and the following ones went by without knowing anything about her; the sisters and I could only hope for God’s grace. Ten years after, a family that knew us recognised my sister and we were able to reunite. The happiness that I felt at that time is something indescribable and it even remains to this day. When we saw each other, she told me that she was married and had a son, which surprised me a lot since she was very young. She was 18 years old. I don’t even want to imagine the unfortunate situations she had to go through over the years she was lost.

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