Laudato Si week

The «Laudato SI Week» is a global initiative of Pope Francis and promoted by the Vatican in which we are told that «everything is connected», and Catholics around the world are asked to unite to reflect, pray and prepare together for a better world.

From Sisters Hospitallers we join this campaign since the Hospitaller Mission, in continuity with its charismatic origin and in response to current challenges, prolongs in time and in different contexts, the healing mission of Jesus of Nazareth. (Identity Framework)

The «Laudato SI Week» is part of a global campaign to mark the 5th anniversary of the encyclical on the care of the Common House. In this video, Pope Francis encourages the faithful to participate and think about the future of our Common House.

What kind of world do we want to leave to those who succeed us, to the children who are growing up?

Based on this question, the Pope renews his urgent call to «respond to the ecological crisis», since «the clamor of the earth and the clamor of the poor do not last.» «Let us take care of creation, gift of our good Creator God,» exhorts Francis. Let’s celebrate «Laudato Si Week» together.

In our institution we practice an open and dynamic hospital service, configured from an inclusive and reintegrating vision and practices and promoters of life, it constitutes a force of social transformation without borders in favor of a healthier and fraternal humanity (Identity Framework).

Redefining the world after the pandemic

As we commemorate the encyclical during Laudato Si ‘Week, our world is being deeply affected by the coronavirus pandemic. Laudato Si ’Week will help us redefine the world that will emerge after the pandemic has passed.

«Laudato si» reminds us, as we said, that «everything is connected» and tragically, this health catastrophe has a lot in common with the ecological catastrophe. The Vatican Dicastery recalls that both are global emergencies, both are suffered more severely by the poor and vulnerable, both expose the deep injustices of our societies, and both will be resolved only through a joint effort that appeals to our best community values.

From Sisters Hospitallers we always put ourselves in the shoes of these people who are most affected by the catastrophes of the world, and work for all of them, since «the sick and needy are the cause, the center and the fundamental criterion in the care that the Institution carries out. (Identity Framework)

We leave you this link, where you can find someresources, through which you can live in depth this «week of Laudato si».

Laudato Si Week

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