125th anniversary of the arrival of the Sisters Hospitallers in Sant Boi.

It is 125 years since Father Benito Menni, together with the first communities of the Brothers of San Juan de Dios and the Sisters Hospitallers, arrived in Sant Boi to manage a large center that had a large number of patients (more than 1,000), but it had serious structural, care and management deficiencies, as a result of the decline suffered by the center in those years of the late 19th century.

Father Benito Menni, together with the communities of brothers and sisters who accompanied him, gave him a new orientation and impulse, implementing organizational and medical improvements that substantially renovated the establishment. New land was purchased, buildings were built, separate care for men and women was provided, and care was improved based on having competent professionals, therapeutic activities, good hygiene and nutrition, and religious care, combining science and charity.

With the value of Hospitality as the center, and the mission always at the service of those most in need, 125 years have passed. And after all this time, the founding charism of Benito Menni and the communities that accompanied him are still fully in force today, constituting the cornerstone of the current Benito Menni Healthcare Complex in Sant Boi.

Currently, the Sant Boi center is integrated into the public health system of the Generalitat de Catalunya, and offers care to more than 26,000 people a year. The healthcare complex has more than 700 inpatient beds, various day hospitals, outpatient centers specialized in mental health and addictions, community rehabilitation services, support floors, mental health residence, pre-employment services, specific intervention programs, and the latest healthcare and management innovations.

The history of the center continues to inspire our work today, and people with mental disorders are at the core of our mission. We work to offer high-quality technical and human assistance, specialized teaching and research, and we project ourselves into the future with a renewed commitment to Hospitality.

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